Firm Profile

As a regional law firm situated next to lake Wörthersee between Klagenfurt and Villach, we represent and advise not only small and medium sized enterprises, banks, insurance companies and (non-profit) organisations but also private clients throughout Austria in all legal concerns. Furthermore, we are counsel for different specialist groups and committees of the Carinthian Economic Chamber. Our particular interest focuses on criminal law, in which context we act as ambitious defending lawyers, advisers as well as representatives in (commercial) criminal cases or in matters with regard to the Association Responsibility Act.

It is our longstanding experience in all fundamental core areas of Austrian law (civil, criminal and administrative law) but also numerous special competences (European, commercial, contract, banking, distribution, insurance, inheritance and family law etc.), which make us a reliable partner. If necessary, we cooperate with proven specialists from other professional groups (notaries, tax consultants, civil engineers etc.) on an interdisciplinary basis. Thus, we guarantee a thorough investigation of all topics presented to us and of potential – legal – issues arising from it.

It is our goal to represent your interests quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.
This does not mean that we always fight your case in all judicial instances. We could assist you in your matter in another optimal way. We have the right eye as well as an emotionless and objective approach for that. In a perfectionist manner and with our unwavering commitment we support you in all cases in your legal actions. If required, we also offer our services outside of Austria, especially within the EU, where we work together with trusted partner firms.

Solely your satisfaction and your personal success are our benchmark; high quality standards are the measure of our work. There is one more thing you can be sure about: we give you clear and honest information as well as realistic predictions for your case, even if you expect different answers. Only a critical analysis of your legal position ensures sound, predictable and cost efficient proceedings.
Only those who know the arguments of their opposing party can carry their own point of view effectively.

Transparency, honesty, integrity and absolute discretion are the cornerstones of our legal professional credo. Individual and tailor-made solutions are our products. We refuse legal “assembly line work”. Please contact us, we will gladly advise you!