Practice Areas

Commercial Law
Banking and collateral security law; law on leasing contracts; management consulting; insurance law; employment law; company law, especially commercial agency and brokerage law; petrol station law; national and international antitrust law

Corporate Law
General advice on all corporate forms; advice on the choice of the corporate form, establishment of foundations, corporations, law firms or partnerships, individual companies, associations; drafting of company and syndicate agreements; purchase, sale and encumbrance of company shares; counselling for corporate bodies (management, executive board, supervisory board etc.)

Competition and Intellectual Property Law
Application for the registration of industrial property rights (especially trademark rights);
competition and intellectual property law: advice on matters with regard to unfair competition as well as conduction of proceedings specialising on competition; development of advertising and marketing strategies in the light of the ban on spam (TKG); copyright and patent right

Contract Law
Real estate sales agreements and real estate transactions; acquisition of trusteeships; condominium agreements; construction contracts, general contractor agreements, general land register law, other sales and exchange contracts, credit and loan agreements; donation contracts, licence and franchise agreements, manufacturing and delivery contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employment and management contracts; commercial agency and brokerage contracts; petrol station (lease) agreements; contracts “sui generis”

Insolvency Law and Business Restructuring
Bankruptcy, restructuring and debt settlement proceedings; business restructuring; general insolvency law with focus on avoidance actions

Tort and Warranty Law
Representation in tort and warranty matters; product liability; consumer protection etc.

Inheritance and Family Law
Representation in probate proceedings; drafting of wills and codicils; inheritance contracts; assertion of inheritance claims, claims for a reserved portion and a supplement to the reserved portion; probate proceedings; representation in family law disputes including divorce proceedings; regulation of proprietary rights between spouses; agreements on the post-marital allocation of property

Traffic Law
Claim settlements; advice on civil, criminal and administrative law and representation in cases concerning traffic accidents and traffic offences; accident reconstruction

Property Law
Ownership and property rights; properties built on third party land; construction law reasoning; land charges; title by prescription and servitude right; right of lien

General Law of Obligations
Contract drafting: formulation of general terms and conditions; performance problems in contracts; withdrawal from a contract; non-fulfilment; assignment rights; guarantees; warranties

Tenant and Condominium Law
Advice on tenant law and rights of residence; drafting of rental, lease and condominium agreements; property development contract law

Administrative Law
General and special administrative law; especially physician law; water legislation; matters concerning fishing compensation; commercial law, transaction law; expropriation proceedings; administrative criminal law including representation at the independent administrative panel; drafting of appeals to the Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court

Criminal Law
Defence in criminal cases with expertise in commercial criminal law, but also general accusations of offences and traffic accident matters; (preventive) advice and representation according to the Austrian Association Responsibility Act; advice for credit institutions on account opening procedures or other measures during preliminary proceedings; representation in financial crime cases

European Law
International competition, antitrust and procurement law, law on subsidies; drafting of international contracts with focus on distribution law; European product liability and safety; e-commerce in the EU; international procedural law; infringement proceedings before the ECJ

Professional Responsibility
We deal with all legal matters on the basis of a strict code of professional conduct. As attorneys we are subject to an autonomous code of conduct as well as a disciplinary code, which are regulated by law and secure the high standards of the Austrian legal profession